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Hello BOOTY QUEEN and welcome to Dat Booty by DB!

We are so excited to work with you in your pursuit of BOOTY GAINS! 

Throughout this programing you will undertake various workouts which will strengthen your body and increase your muscle mass. You are likely to build muscle and burn body fat whilst exercising, so your weight may stay the same even though your muscle shape, tone and overall body composition has improved. Scales can be a very deceptive and often inaccurate form of measuring progress, so it is recommended that you track your progress through “Before and After” photos. 

We highly recommend taking a “before” photo prior to starting the program. (Try to wear fitted clothing, swimwear or underwear, which will show your body to make your “after” photo easier to compare). After completing each month of the program we  recommend taking a “progress” photo to track your hard work and so that you can see the changes to your physique as you progress throughout the Dat Booty by DB Program. 


Here is a quick step by step guide on how to use this program and access all of your workout materials each month:

Step 1: Watch the Monthly Intro video on your member dashboard 

Step 2: Download your Workout Log & Training Tracker for the month 

Step 3: Go to your daily workout and watch the exercise video for your selected program

Step 4: Watch and perform the appropriate warm up for that day

Step 5: Perform your workout

Step 6: Post workout: Cool down & Stretch (see our warmup/cool down tab)

Step 7: Record your weights (resistance)/progress in your Training Tracker 

Step 8: Make some glorious booty gainz

For more information and a full breakdown on how to use your Dat Booty Program check out our How It Works Video located on your Member Dashboard.


If you have decided to follow the Dumbbell or Gym Based Program your program will feature the use of dumbbells. For more information on selecting the right weight and resistance for you check out our How to select your weight Video located in our Education Tab. 


Regardless of which program you have decided to follow, the use of a booty band is strongly recommended in your workouts. Loop resistance bands or “booty bands” provide extra resistance and can assist in further activating your glutes during your workouts. It is also the only piece of equipment used during our maintenance workouts, providing enough resistance to work your glute muscles without excessive fatigue.

If you want to get your hands (and bootys) on a DB Booty band we’re offering Dat Booty by DB members 20% off.

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For more information on your Program check out our User Guide Video located on your Member Dashboard. 

Now it’s time to make some glorious gains!

Dannibelle x