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Once you sign up to Dat Booty by DB you receive your complete month of programming, so unfortunately we are unable to offer a free trial. If you want to find out more about our programming before signing up check out our How It Works Video or email us at hello@datbootybydb.com

Dat Booty by DB is a subscription based website offering ongoing monthly programming to help you build your booty and improve your overall physique.

Our programming focuses on lower body training but also incorporates overall body conditioning to create a strong, toned body with some glorious glutes. 

Each month you will receive a new program to keep things new and exciting but also to progressively build on your completed workouts. 

The Dat Booty by DB program has been designed so that you will repeat each workout 4 times in the month. The repetition of each workout allows you to master the movements but also gradually increase the difficulty as you progress throughout the month.

The Dat Booty by DB program has been structured so that you are able to see and access the gym, dumbbell and bodyweight programming each month. If you are following the gym programming and really don’t feel like making the trek to your gym you can easily access the Dumbbell or Bodyweight Program and workout from the comfort of your home! Gotta love options!

Dat Booty by DB is suitable for all fitness levels! As our Members have access to all three (3) training options (gym, dumbbell and bodyweight programming) you can pick the workout which best suits you.

Our Bodyweight Program is a great beginner option as it is not overly demanding or complicated. 

Do you like growing your glorious glutes, being a sexy beast and transforming your overall body composition? If you answered yes, then Dat Booty by DB is for you! If you want to find out more about our programming before signing up check out our How It Works Video or email us at hello@datbootybydb.com

Regardless of which program you have decided to follow, the use of a booty band is strongly recommended in your workouts. A Booty Band / Loop Resistance Band is also the only piece of equipment used during our maintenance workouts.

We have included a further breakdown of the equipment below:

Bodyweight - Optional (but highly recommended) Booty Band

Dumbbell - Dumbbells & Booty Band

Gym - Gym Equipment including: Squat Rack, Barbell, Weight Plates, Dumbbells, Exercise Bench & Booty Band

If you are following the Dumbbell or Bodyweight Program - you sure can! 

If you are following the Gym Program you will need access to gym equipment.

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Dat Booty by DB offers three (3) Membership Packages (Monthly, 6 Months, 12 Months). 

Our Monthly Membership is $25 USD

Our 6 Month Membership is $130 USD

Our 12 Month Membership is $240 USD (20% discount!) 

Your payment will be debited on the date of your subscription, and each month after. 

Six (6) and Twelve (12) month Memberships are charged upfront in full upon registration and cannot be refunded.

You can cancel your Monthly Membership at any time (with a minimum of only a 1 month commitment)! Six (6) and Twelve (12) Month Memberships are able to be cancelled at any time however the membership will be charged in full upon registration.

If you are loving your Dat Booty by DB Programming and want to stick with us for the long haul we suggest upgrading your Membership and saving some $$$! Our 12 Month Membership holders receive a 20% discount which workouts out to be 0.66 US cents a day!

You can upgrade your Membership at any time through your Membership Login Dashboard.

Please be mindful that if you are upgrading your account, to do this just before your current membership runs out so you are not charged twice.

I’ve never met a booty workout I didn't love (and we want you to love your workouts too)! If you have any questions or concerns with your programming shoot us an email to hello@datbootybydb.com and we will work through it with you.