Get Those Glorious
Booty Gainz

We are here for (BOOTY) GAINZ!

Dat Booty by DB is an ongoing glute focused training program - because glutes are not built in a day or even a week, growing glorious glutes is the result of consistent training and smart programming.

We are here to

This program is adaptable for all fitness levels and is designed to push your limits. Each month we focus on similar movement patterns to ensure you are able to master the exercise and work to progressively strengthen and improve your performance. Our monthly downloadable training log helps you record your weight/reps so you can hit your next PB.

We are here to help you

Whether your goal is getting fit and strong or for aesthetic purposes our program is designed to get you there! Not only will Dat Booty By DB build your strength and improve your physique, our program will also boost your confidence and strengthen your mindset.

We are here FOR YOU.

Dat Booty by DB Members have access to a dedicated Wellness Hub which includes exclusive talks from Dannibelle about motivation, wellness and support to help you stay on track and overcome life's obstacles whilst trying to achieve your fitness goals.



I am in love with this program, just finished 8 weeks and I’m so happy with the results! I feel so confident, my booty definitely has more shape and feels like it is more lifted now too! Thank you so so much!


I love following your workouts, they’re so fun and challenging. I actually look forward to working out each day now, especially when it comes to doing your booty workouts. Thank you for helping me get back on track with my fitness and build my peach!


BIG BOOTY THINGS! Thank you so much omg I love your workouts and I have seen some as you would say… glorious results. You’re the best! Excited to keep growing my booty!


Finished my 8-week booty program and am honestly in love! Went from being not confident at all to being confident enough to be at the gym doing workouts! Have now moved on to using weights at the gym to continue the booty growth!


I loveee your workouts. I didn’t realise how much working on my glutes would transform my whole body. You are my motivation. Keep being an amazing coach.